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#TogetherToTokyo CKC Merch: Club Pre-order - ORDER NOW!

Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC) is excited to announce the community-wide campaign Together to Tokyo. This campaign will run from June-September 2021 and unite the paddling community in celebration of our Olympic and Paralympic-bound team and our great sport as we ramp up to the Tokyo 2020 Games. Together to Tokyo offers clubs, organizations and PTSO’s the opportunity to pre-order our limited edition Together to Tokyo merchandise collection. Organizations who submit an order will receive 10% off items purchased. CKC will make every effort to have orders delivered prior to the Games. Order now

Orders must be in by Midnight Sunday June 20th, 2021

Item List:

  1. Women's Short Sleeve T-shirt (White) $31.50 (Retail price $35.00)

  2. Women's Short Sleeve T-shirt (Black) $31.50 (Retail price $35.00)

  3. Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt (White) $31.50 (Retail price $35.00)

  4. Men's Short Sleeve T-shirt (Black) $31.50 (Retail price $35.00)

  5. Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt (Sand) $36.00 (Retail price $40.00)

  6. Unisex Embroidered Hoodie (Sand) $54.00 (Retail price $60.00)

  7. Youth Unisex Short Sleeve T-shirt (Black) $20.00 (Retail price $21.50)

  8. Snapback Baseball Cap (Black) $27.00 (Retail $30.00)

  9. Adjustable Jockey Cap (Black) $27.00 (Retail $30.00)

  10. Water Bottle (Red) $15.30 (Retail $17.00)

  11. Cowbell (White) $4.50 (Retail $5.00)

  12. Rally Towel (Red) $7.20 (Retail $8.00)

Together to Tokyo Lookbook - Catalogue E
Download • 449KB

ORDER NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL PAYMENT RECEIVED. If you'd rather pay by ETF, complete the form and select "other" as payment method, then send payment to All prices INCLUDE HST.

Due to limitations of sportical, you will have to submit separate forms if you want the same product in different sizes.

Place your order and pay here. Order deadline June 20th. Hayley will contact you then with pick up details. For questions please contact

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