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2023 BBCC Awards

Last week, we celebrated our outstanding athletes and community at our annual Balmy Beach Canoe Club (BBCC) Awards Banquet. We honoured 25 exceptional individuals, each bestowed with well-deserved awards for their outstanding sportsmanship, unwavering club spirit, remarkable performance improvements, and awe-inspiring achievements. Join us as we delve into the triumphs that defined this year's BBCC Awards Banquet, where passion and excellence converged to create lasting memories.

Congratulations to all of our award winners:

U10 Award

  • Declan Beeho

U12 Award

  • Ewan Meikle

U14 Award

  • Joseph Zwolinski

Most Improved U14 Award

  • Isabel Christie

U16 Award

  • Madeline Zwolinski

U18 Award

  • Jackson Meikle

Junior Award

  • Kyle Jackson

  • Sydney Doidge

Senior Award

  • Nick Matveev

  • Courtney Stott

Special Olympics Award

  • Benjamin Caplan

  • Rachel Cohen

Masters Award

  • Shawn Dinn

  • Tara Zwolinski

Most Points at CANMAS Award

  • Chris Helyar

  • Ellen Fergusson

Most Improved Paddler Award

  • Hunter Mack

  • Emma Marshall

Boat Care Award

  • Emma Marshall

Margaret Bailey (Volunteer of the Year) Award

  • Ed Zwolinski

Carl Trinier (C15) Award

  • Brett Stein

  • Samantha Stein

Russ Dunn (Club Spirit, Initiative, Sportsmanship) Award

  • Cameron Low

Jim Mossman (Outstanding Service and Contribution) Award

  • Hayley Plante

Harriers (Most Outstanding Crew Boat Performance) Award

  • Open Men's K4 200 (Nationals): Cameron Low, Kyle Jackson, Lucas Stein, Nick Matveev

We would also like to thank our fantastic coaches—Hunter George, Nigel Rockett, Elliot Smith, Natalie Smith, and Grace Rockett. Their dedication has truly made a difference for our athletes this past year. We also want to express our gratitude to our Commodore, Eleanor McIntyre, and our Board of Directors who contribute to the success of our club. Lastly, thank you to all of our community members and eager volunteers who have contributed to our 2023 season!

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