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AGES: 8 - 12

DATES: July 4th - August 26th

TIMES: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

LOCATION: Balmy Beach Club at the foot of Beech Ave.


Each week different games and activities are planned to offer variety, as many campers book more than one week. The focus of the camp has always been self-esteem, fitness, co-operation and fun.  Campers are divided into small groups with their friends and are responsible to a counsellor. We paddle once each week at the Ashbridges Bay boathouse.


**We rely on bicycles for transportation to various locations on the Beach. Campers are required to be confident riding a bicycle with no training wheels to attend Sports Camp.**

Activities at Sports Camp

Sports Camp emphasizes sports, games, and activities that mix healthy competition, collaboration, and physical activity. The program is designed to be universal and fun for everyone! Some examples of activities include: 

  1. Group paddling at Ashbridges Bay (2x per week) 

  2. Swimming at Donald D. Summerville Pool (2x per week) 

  3. Sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and many more! 

  4. A variety of other active games are planned with camper input and preferences in mind! 

Camp Schedule and Pricing: 

Week 1 (July 4-8): $305

Week 2 (July 11-15): $350 - TREETOP TREKKING FIELD TRIP 

Week 3 (July 18-22): $305

Week 4 (July 25-29): $350 - WET 'N' WILD WATERPARK FIELD TRIP 

Week 5 (August 2-5): $245 - 4 DAY WEEK 

Week 6 (August 8-12): $350 - TREETOP TREKKING FIELD TRIP

Week 7 (August 15-19): $305

Week 8 (August 22-26): $350 - WET 'N' WILD WATERPARK FIELD TRIP 


*A Note About Field Trips - All of our field trips are priced to be revenue-neutral. Field trips cost an additional $45.00 as a result of the excursion ticket prices and chartered school bus bookings.*


Drop off time – 8:45am
Pick up time – 4:00pm
​Location – The Boardwalk in front of the Balmy Beach Club (Foot of Beech Ave.). 

Meet Chris D'Angelo

Sports Camp Director

Hello! My name is Chris, I am 24 years old and I am a recently graduated Teacher with a specialization in Health and Physical Education. This is my 4th summer as Camp Director, and I was previously a camp counsellor since 2015 at this camp. I have a passion for making sure everyone around me is having fun and staying active. I love hockey and baseball, and I am willing to try all new games and sports with this camp!


I have lived in the Beaches my entire life and I have spent my summers at the Balmy Beach Sports Camp dating back to when I was a camper myself. I am incredibly excited to provide all of our campers with a safe, active and unique experience at our camp! If you have any questions, I can be reached by email at

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