Meet Chris D'Angelo

Sports Camp Director

Hello! My name is Chris, I am 23 years old and I am a Kinesiology graduate from McMaster University. I am currently entering my first year of Teacher Education at Brock University. I have a passion for making sure everyone around me is having fun and staying active! I love hockey and baseball, and I am willing to try all new games and sports with this camp!

​I have lived in the Beaches my entire life and I have spent my summers at the Balmy Beach Sports Camp dating back to when I was a camper myself. I am incredibly excited to provide all of our campers with a safe, active and unique experience at our camp! If you have any questions, I can be reached by email at



AGES: 8 - 12

DATES: July 5 - Aug 27

TIMES: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

LOCATION: Balmy Beach Club at the foot of Beech Ave.



Week 1: July 5 - 9 - SOLD OUT

Week 2: July 12-16 - SOLD OUT

Week 3: July 19 - 23 - SOLD OUT

Week 4: July 26 - 30 - SOLD OUT

Week 6: August 3 – August 6* - SOLD OUT
Week 7: August 9 – August 13 - SOLD OUT

Week 8: August 16 – August 20 - SOLD OUT

Week 9: August 23 – August 27 - SOLD OUT

August registration is now open. August Camp will also be half day from 9am-1pm each day.


Each week different games and activities are planned to offer variety, as many campers book more than one week. The focus of the camp has always been self-esteem, fitness, co-operation and fun.  Campers are divided into small groups with their friends and are responsible to a counselor. We paddle once each week at the Ashbridges Bay boathouse.

Theme Days and Other Activities
Each week of our eight week summer camp has a specific theme! Campers and counselors will have the opportunity to dress up on Wednesday’s according to the theme of the week! This summer we have two big trips planned! Stay tuned for more information on that! The remaining Friday’s will have assorted programming including BBQs and more! Check out our camp schedule for the programs happening on the week your camper is registered!

Staff and Coaches: Our staff are extremely talented have many interests and are excellent role models. Many attend university and are former campers or CIT’s. They use their creative talents and previous camp experiences to plan the program.

We hire 4-5 coaches from the paddling section who have Level 1 coaching qualifications and have completed a technical course in canoe and kayak to assist with our program.  Many compete at the National level. They also have their Toronto Harbour Commission boat license and basic CPR and first aid certification. Safety is paramount in all our programs! 

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Drop off time – 8:45am
Pick up time – 1:00pm
​Location – The Boardwalk in front of the Balmy Beach Club (Foot of Beech Ave.). 


*Please note: some FAQs may not reflect program changes due to COVID-19. Please refer to top of the page for updates. 
How can I check my child made it to camp if I send them alone? 
Many of the older children ride to camp on their own, so if they do not arrive by 9:30am, parents will be contacted by phone.
My child is going to be late or absent one day, what should I do?
Please phone Director Chris D’Angelo at 647-270-1052. We do not always spend our day on site so it is important to call so a staff member can meet your child at the Balmy Beach Club if we are elsewhere along the beach.
How is the Full-Day Camp different from the Half-Day Camp?

Full Day camp is a multi-sport, multi-activity program. Campers will spend time playing a large variety of games, located mostly on the Beach in front of the Balmy Beach Club, but also including bike trips to areas like Kew Gardens park and Ashbridges Bay. Full Day camp goes paddling twice a week.
Half Day camp is located separately at the Beaches Lions Club at Ashbridges Bay and these campers go paddling every day. If you have questions about Half Day Camp, please contact Paddling Director Chris Mehak at

My child requires special accommodations, how can I let the staff know?
If your child requires any accommodations, be it for special needs, allergies, asthma, diabetes, or anything else, please email Director Chris D’Angelo at to set up a meeting to discuss how your child’s needs can be met. It is important to us that all children have the opportunity to enjoy Sports Camp without being limited by their individual needs in any way!

What level swimming is required for Sports Camp?

Sports Camp goes swimming at the Donald D. Summerville Swimming Pool at least twice per week (subject to weather conditions). Campers are required to have Red Cross Ultra Level 4. Deep end tests and swimming are available but not required if a camper prefers to stay in the shallow pool.  

My child’s bike is too small; can I send them with a scooter or rollerblades instead?
Only bicycles will be permitted for children to ride to our various locations along the beach (the pool, paddling, Kew Gardens Park, etc.). Children are also required to bring a properly fitted bicycle helmet and wear it at all times while we are biking.

I plan to drive my child to camp each day, can I leave the bike overnight at the Balmy Beach Club?
Yes! At the end of each day, campers will be instructed to unlock their bikes and staff will bring them inside our facility if you desire. Bikes must be taken home on the final day of your child’s enrolment at Balmy Beach Sports Camp.  

What qualifications do the staff have?
All Sports Camp Staff are local young adults who have a passion for various sports as well as working with children. Staff are 18 years or older and attending or planning to attend post-secondary education. All staff are certified in CPR/AED/First Aid and have completed a Vulnerable Sector Screening with the Toronto Police Service. 

I am going to be late to pick up my child, what should I do?
Please call Director Chris D’Angelo at 647-270-1052. A staff member will always be on site for extended care until 5:30pm. A $10 charge may apply for extended care if you arrive between 4:30-5:30pm.  

My child wants to go home with another camper and their parent today, is that allowed?
​Children will only be allowed to be signed out by designated guardians as listed on their registration. If you want to allow your child to leave alone or with another parent/guardian, written consent is required to be texted or emailed from a designated guardian to the camp Director.  

Since you are a Canoe Club, is my child required to have experience with paddling?
Not at all! Sports Camp goes paddling (canoeing, kayaking, SUPing) twice per week (weather permitting) and all campers receive introductory instruction from certified paddling coaches hired by the Balmy Beach Canoe Club. Emphasis for this program is on learning the basics of paddling and having fun out on the water!

My child is enrolled in a field trip week, is there anything I need to know for the trip?
Planned trips for this summer have been cancelled because physical distancing will be harder to maintain at these public places.  

What does my child need to bring each day to camp?
It is absolutely mandatory that your child be sent with a full lunch and snacks for the day. There will not be opportunities to purchase food at camp. Campers must also bring:  

  • a swimsuit and towel

  • bicycle and bike helmet

  • sunscreen

  • water bottle

  • closed-toe shoes (runners are preferred, no sandals or crocs allowed).

  • A baseball or sun hat.

  • Swim goggles (optional but recommended)

  • Quarters for pool lockers (to be submitted on Monday morning at sign-in)

  • Optional – we offer jumbo-freezies for $1 per day at the end of each day.
    This is not required but we find campers enjoy a nice cold freezie after a day on the Beach!


Planned trips for this summer have been cancelled because physical distancing will be harder to maintain at these public places.  Any trip premiums already paid will be refunded