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Three Athletes Recognized at the Balmy Beach Sports Section Awards Banquet

Earlier this month, three BBCC athletes were recognized at the Balmy Beach Sports Section Awards. On this night, one member from each sports section is honoured for their contributions as an athlete and service to the section. This year, the Paddling Section Award winner was Cameron Low. Cameron, who now proudly represents Team Canada, competed at both the World Championships and Pan American Games this summer. As his paddling career grows, Cameron remains a cornerstone of our club, spending lots of time at home with clubmates and participating in local events and club activities. In 2020, Cameron received the Bill Webster Award for Junior Paddling Male of the Year.

William C. "Bill" Webster, a lifelong BBC member and BBC Sports Hall of Fame inductee, left behind a lasting legacy to support the development of young Balmy Beach Club athletes. This year, we are proud to announce that two outstanding paddlers, Jack Meikle and Emma Marshall, and two junior rugby players, Romano Pizzuti and Carolyn Gill, received the prestigious Webster Award. Chosen for their leadership, work ethic, and perseverance, Jack and Emma embody the spirit of Bill Webster's legacy, exemplifying the values that continue to shape the Balmy Beach Canoe Club community. Jack, with paddling deeply ingrained in his family's legacy at Balmy Beach, has paddled for seven years and has his sight set on a spot on the junior national team. Emma, who has devoted four years to paddling and now actively contributes as a coach and site supervisor, earned a silver medal at the Olympic Hopes Regatta and is set for further triumphs. These awards not only recognize athletic excellence but also underscore the Balmy Beach Canoe Club's commitment to fostering a supportive community and mentorship.

Congratulations to Jack, Emma, and Cameron for their well-earned recognition and thank you to the Webster Fund and Bill’s godson Stuart Statton for their continued support of youth athletes.

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