• Masters Winter Training

    Registration Open

    AGES: 25+

    DATES: October - May


    Virtual Workouts Monday and Thursday: 7:00pm

    Outdoor Activities Saturday: 9:00am


    COST: $250 +HST


    *Masters must be fitness members of the Balmy Beach Club to participate in the weights program. 


    The Masters' winter training program consists of weights, plyometric, paddle erg and swim training. Through this variety of training tools athletes will build and develop the core foundations of the sport of canoe/kayak. The program is open to ages 25+ and all levels from beginner to experienced paddlers.

    Swimming: The Saturday swimming program is open to Masters paddlers. The focus will be on improving fitness, stroke technique and fun game activities in the pool. There will be a maximum of 25 participants.

  • Masters

    Registration Closed

    AGES: 25+

    DATES: May - October


    Sunday: 10:00am

    Monday/Thursday: 7:00pm* 

    NEW MEMBER COST: we will not be accepting new members this year


    $440 +HST**


    $525 +HST** with boat storage

    *Masters are eligible to compete at several weekend races (regattas) in southern Ontario. The summer ends with the CANMAS Masters Championships in late August following Nationals and includes novice events for new Masters. 

    **includes Balmy Beach Club membership

    ***this fee also applies to Balmy Beach Club members


    The Masters' program is for adults (25+) of all skill levels. Most join as beginners with the median age currently at about 44; it's never too late to start! Participants paddle canoes and kayaks ranging from 1-person, 2-person, 4-person and the 15-person war canoe. Joining the Masters is an excellent way to improve aerobic and fitness skills and meet people. During the off-season, training involves swimming, running and weight training.

  • Learn to Paddle

    Registration Closed

    AGES: All ages


    Summer: June 29 - July 29

    Fall: September 7 - October 4 



    Sunday: 10:00am

    Monday/Thursday: 7:00pm​​


    COST: $235 + HST 


    Note: ​If you decide to upgrade to a full Masters membership following this 4 week program, the Learn to Paddle fee is applied against the full, first year Master’s fee. 


    The Learn to Paddle Program is an introductory program geared to both adolescents and adults who would like to try the sport of canoe and kayak.

    The sessions teach the fundamentals of canoe and kayak while getting to know members of the Masters group. Coaches are assigned to work with participants to demonstrate correct equipment use and safety measures.

    Email Chris Mehak for additional information

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